Nesrin Colognes

Since 1980,Nesrin Colognes has been serving the sector with product of cosmetics and cleaning produces.

Over the past years nesrin colognes constinuously expanded its products,And renewing itself according to needs.

The experience with years ,trust,rich variety and the quality of products in cologne products,our business which developing rapidly, with the brands nesrin and ikbal continues its activities.

To improve its quality ,its production and the product quality at the highest level.

Our company provides wholesale and retail sales with the understanding of customer satisfaction and quality service.

Nesrin colognes can send with cargo in a very short time to the outside the city.

Our Principles


We are constantly evolving and adapting to modern conditions. We appreciate your feedback on our products and we will improve our product range.

Health Products

Nesrin Colognes is a company approved by the Ministry of Health. Your health is more important than any of our business concerns. We are always aware of this issue.

Kind To Nature

We do our best to minimize the damage our products cause to nature. The raw materials we use go through many tests and then we start production.
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Serkan Değirmenci

“We will continue to product for our customers with the slogan of traditon since  1950”

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